Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Fell!

I am on such a wonderful weekend but I had to take time to share this.

This weekend I have been facing some fears and I am proud of myself! Here is how the story goes....

I have never been brave around water...not ever really. As I grew older I would take a step forward and about 8 mental steps back. Back and forth I went but mainly I had huge mental blocks about being in water where I could not touch the bottom! I will just say that swimming and water activities have never been my thing.

Then comes this weekend. One amazing part of meeting new people is you get a chance to change and tweak little things about you. They get to know you at a new point, which is nice. Once people know you for a while they don't always challenge you anymore. You are just you, which is also OK. All that to say, I got a chance today to be braver than I have been in a while.

I swam in a lake!
I rode on a jet ski!!
I went tubing by being pulled behind a jet ski AND.......
I fell off twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what I learned. And it has taken me 25 years to get it. It is OK to fall off. Did you hear that Sabrina. It is OK to fall off. I went under but I surfaced. I was scared but I was not in paralyzing panic.  There are so many applications and implications for this. I will let you draw them for yourselves.

I am just so happy because in my life I have been very scared of falling, of being surprised, of unplanned, sudden things. And I learned today that you survive. How you fall is a part of the process. Today I feel so fearless, like being 25 is just this amazing experience and I love it!!


dania irvin said...

Great article! Relevant in soooo many ways! Thanks for the reminder!

annie said...

You are too funny! I love that you learned a little life lesson while having some new adventures. Good for you! I'm so proud! :)