Saturday, January 1, 2011

Graduate school update

Good Morning and Welcome to 2011. I'm sitting here enjoying leftover New Years sparkling cider:)
As I look back I see that I didn't ever really wrap up my Fall Grad. school thoughts on here. I know/think some of you are interested in that part of my life...along with the other random things I blog about:)

* The Fall was full of hard work but it was worth it in the end....great grades (all the praise given to God)...useful and pertinent knowledge gained.

* I still love my little apartment on the 3rd floor. I have actually had a few offers to move in with friends for next Fall....but I prayerfully decided to stay put.

* This is a BIGGIE!!!! I am applying for an assistantship for next Fall and Spring. It would be a HUGE blessing and help cut my tuition again. They are highly competitive.....but then again so am I;) If you could pray for this please. Interviews are coming up in January. I hope I get one!

* My job mentoring UGA student athletes was wonderful. I am still using my teaching skills just in a different form.

* When school starts back I will be working my school counseling Practicum one day a week at Decatur High School....I am a mixture of nerves, passion, and creativity....and did I mention nerves!!!

Back to the books on January 8th:) I am gonna squeeze the last bit of fun out of my vacation before I leave Florida:)

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