Friday, January 7, 2011

What I learned from others in 2010

In this life we are teaching others lessons all the time. They are not usually acknowledged but that does not mean that the lesson is any less important.

From my mama I learned to bask in simple joy. It just does not take much to get her smiling and thanking God.

From my daddy I learned to put your best foot forward in a Godly manner and also take time for true, relaxing vacations.

Melanie taught me to value my health and to not let small things rattle me.

My grandma taught me to treasure family as a precious gift from God:)

Tami taught me that we are responsible for our responses to our decisions...aka we have to sleep in the bed we made and not complain!

Cherika taught me to be calm and at peace and sacrifice for family.

Julie taught me to value my past job at Roberts and to remember teaching for the pure love of the children.

Jennifer reminded me that a Godly attitude change is the golden ticket to a happy, thankful, purposeful life as a Christian woman.

My Aunt V. taught me to be careful of welcoming stress into our lives and then getting upset when it grows into an uncontrollable beast.

Hollywood taught me that more and more the world sees nothing wrong with divorce and that idea is flowing down into everyday society and even more hearwrenchingly sad, the church. Let me stand up and say, divorce is tragic, it is in many cases selfish, and divorce in the church must tear God's heart because it is destroying a union built to reflect his love for his church.

My cohort has shown me that planning, organzing, and being in charge is just me....and I need to go with it as long as I don't get lost in it.

I could go on but that is enough for the present. I look forward to more lessons in 2011.

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