Monday, January 3, 2011


On the eve of my return to Athens I just have to say....

This Christmas vacation was just great! Really, right at the end of the Fall semester I was getting more and more homesick. Now my cup is so full and runneth over and I am ready to head back to GA life.

Today I had breakfast with Becca and we discussed our 13 year old friendship (how did that many years go by, I don't know).

Late last night my daddy and I carried on a Stewart tradition which is late night movies at AMC. (GooooTrue Grit...and those instrumental, pure versions of some beloved hymns were fabulous)

I watched my cousin for a few days and got small glimpses that God is working with him and his angst. No one ever said Senior year was easy.

Of course there was cleaning, and cooking, and chores, and DVR.

One realization was that I could come back to Jacksonville...who knew...I sure didn't. Will I come back? That is for God to show me.

Next week is Day 1 of the Spring semester.....I can't wait:)

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