Saturday, January 29, 2011

Double Delight!

I am happy to report two great blogging firsts for me. First, this is my 150th post. Who knew I had so much to say and share (just kidding....I am a talker!)? Also, yesterday was the one year anniversary or birthday of this Teach.Read.Cook.Learn blog!!! I am so excited about that. Has a year ever been full of SO many changes and new opportunities? What will year 2 hold I wonder?

                                                                        *beauty from here
I love this blog. I love it even when I think I am the only one who reads it. I love it when I add pictures....I love it when I just type. I love that my friend helped bring my vision to life, and now her own blog is growing in well deserved popularity.

The year has seen my move from comfort and passion to growth and delight. It has seen Sabrina at 24 and 25, and Sabrina the new car owner, and Sabrina the moving lady, and Sabrina the girl who is random.

Cheers to my life and the blog that I use to share it with you. Cheers to more fun, living, grace, and joy. Cheers to creativity and the friends who take time to read about the life of little 'ol Sabrina Maude Stewart!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I enjoy reading your blogs :-) ~Cherika

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog too! Gives me a little insight on my long lost friend! -Kristin

Sabrina said...

Thank You ladies:) I miss you both a lot!!!