Friday, January 14, 2011

WHAT A Week!

Gooood Morning and a very Happy Friday to everyone:)

 Well I definitely picked the right year to come to UGA. The snowstorm or our own personal snowmageddon has been nuts. However, I did want to get the true Georgia experience...and I am getting that for sure:) Many local public school have been closed ALL WEEK! I can't even imagine the stress that caused for some parents and some children.....being forced to be together and still for prolonged periods of time....GASP! ( I am kidding, but you would be surprised how lots of families avoid real contact with each other through overbooked schedules and lack of meaningful communication).

I am back to the grind...and I will admit it tired me out yesterday. You have to get readjusted to being back in school. Here are some highlights of this upcoming Spring semester 2011.

Cohort and Professors Retreat ( I am on the planning committee for this!)
Starting Practicum once a week at Decatur High School.
Taking 4 classes....Expressive Arts in Counseling, Groups, Careers, and Practicum.
Exercise classes twice a week at the UGA gym.
Maybe presenting a professional poster at a Diversity conference.
Helping host a graduation party.
Having my 26th birthday ( low key but cute).
Working with the student athletes.
To sum it up nicely....teaching, reading, cooking, and learning:)

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