Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It is amazing when we think about all of the relationships in our lives.
I am a daughter, sister, friend, cousin, granddaughter, niece, teacher, student, mentor, and the list goes on.

I put different amounts of me into each relationship. I think the best thing about relationships in our lives is they help us grow. I am not the same Sabrina I was even a year ago, and that is amazing yet kind of odd at the same time. Each day I gently drift farther away from my Tallahassee life and I will admit here, I tried to cling to that life after my move to UGA. Looking back now I see that I was scared and lonely and so I spent a lot of time in Georgia thinking of Tallahassee things. (Note to self....that was pretty much a waste of time....comforting true, but not fulfilling in the end.)

I will also admit that right now I am in flux....caught between two experiences and the multitude of relationships entwined in each one. My family relationships are stable, and after a few years with some tough losses I am so grateful for that. I thank God for it all the time! The teacher/student relationship is awkward at times as the teacher in me yearns to stand up and share.....when at this point I am at a place where I need to sit and listen and learn. And hence the inner struggle! Grrrr....

Oh relationships! I know in my heart that growth and stagnation cannot happen at the same time. I think I was trying to mesh them though. Live with one foot in my past and one foot in today and my mind in the future. That is no good. That leads to stress, and discontent, and it wears you down until you are crying over the small stuff that feels like huge stuff because you are so off balance! (What a vulnerable statement for someone like me who likes to be right.)

My dear friend posted a wonderful, deep post today and it spurred me to share:) She is so courageous and I love her so much and thank God for her all of the time.

I guess I will end with a vow of sorts. To try my best to be in the moments. To not mourn or wonder anymore about what has been broken. To pray for help when I would divide myself. To delight in every new day, every new moment, and every new experience. I love my life and am blessed beyond my imagination....it's time I started claiming that more:)

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annie said...

one of my favorite posts of yours, ever! (and i just emailed you to tell you so.) i love reading about the work God is doing in you while at Athens. beautiful!