Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random and a Pic!

I am still alive;)
I just went to my home state...Florida...and my hometown ....Jacksonville for a bit.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Stacey who journeyed with me...I loved showing my favorites to a new friend:)
About to head back on the road for Practicum and a 10th grade College Tour in Atlanta! Then a weekend of readjusting and homework is sure to keep me busy.

Before I go I wonder if the blogging world is changing faster than I am (Who am I kidding...I KNOW it is!). All of a sudden blogs are changing into raffle, contest, business central. Like me on Facebook, then repost, then like this post, then get entered in a drawing. It's enough to boggle simple Sabrina's mind. Today I read a blog raffle with 125 comments!!! Hahaha I can't even find how to add a Followers button to know who is reading my blog! I guess I might as well jump in my horse and carriage and watch as everyone else jets off ahead of me:) But really when did I miss the memo? I guess my age is showing because I can't even figure out most blog contests to even enter...let alone win;) And I like winning! If you have ever won something in a blog related contest let me know....I need insight;)

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