Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giving Again

Tough to admit but true....I need to take a HUGE step back from focusing on myself.
Today was a reflective day. I napped, was lazy, and took some time to reread some of my journal from my Tallahassee days. I didn't finish the whole thing...but I read through Freshman and Sophomore year. It is interesting how some common themes have reappeared in the last few weeks.

Blend this with the fact that I have been thinking about 29 Gifts recently. Last year (March 21st actually) I jumped on board this giving movement and found it was great for me. Well, with my current dissatisfaction with certain areas of my life I realized today that giving back is just the refreshing that I need. It's kind of funny how things just kind of find you at times when you need them:)

I hope to replace some disappointment with an outlook that is others focused.
I want to let some things come to their natural conclusion and begin some self-improvement.
I need to wipe my tears of disappointment and look around me and smile about the blessings.

So taking a deep breath, calmly and truthfully assessing current relationships under the microscope of reality, I will get ready to give. With purpose and passion I will give and soon I hope to report back feeling a little stronger, a little better, a little more connected to the Sabrina I want to be as I get ready to turn 26:) 

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