Friday, March 18, 2011

Geek Out:)

The term "Geek Out!" makes me giggle. The first time I heard it I am pretty sure it was in relation to Glee. However, I have heard it again and again lately. I still giggle....yep, not laugh but giggle:)

It's Friday and if I had to choose an old-school geek out inducing person it would be.....wait for it because it really is pretty embarrassing.....Clark Howard. Yeah, that's right, Clark Howard! HAHAHA as a young teen and beyond there was something about his voice that made me stop channel surfing. Then add the spiffy financial information broken down into plain speech and I was hooked. If you have any geek out moments, people, etc. please feel free to share;) I know everyone has them buried deep down...or not so deep:)

Enjoy your weekend!

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