Sunday, March 6, 2011


Blessed are the seeds waiting in the darkness for the call of Spring. March quote from my calendar.

Spring cleaning does not have to just be confined to the house. Oh no...I want to think a little about my yard as well:)

Planting is the title of this post and Planting has been on my mind recently. You see, the snow has melted long ago and the cold rain has produced some absolutely gorgeous blossoms around GA. They got me thinking about true beauty (God's definition). Then in church recently the talk and discussions have been coming back to the fruits of the Spirit (a personal favorite!).

Picture if you will, if JOY was a plant. I see it being vibrant, glowing, and happily waving in the soft Spring breeze.

What if SELF-CONTROL was a tree? I think it would be tall and majestic and so very sturdy. It would be the perfect tree to climb with a good book in the late Spring evenings. (I would plant these trees all over my yard.)

How about PEACE? I can clearly see a shimmering, ethereal, pale yellow flower that grows alone. It does not want to be right smack dab in the middle of the garden.

KINDNESS would be the most soft, lush, fragrant green grass. Your toes would just sink right in as an inevitable smile graced your face.

To be continued.... (I get happy just rereading and writing this. YAY!)


Tracy said...

great post. Love your thoughts.

Roberta Mislevy said...

Thank you for selecting my photo to accompany your thoughtful post. I would appreciate it if you linked back to my original photo, and gave me a photo credit-Roberta Mislevy Photography.

The photo can be found here:
I have enabled blogging, so you should be able to easily link back to my page from your post. Thanks.

Sabrina said...

Thank You Tracey:) Good Luck with the birthday parties this weekend!

Roberta- Thank You for letting me know the protocol. I am not very blogging savvy! Wonderful picture:)