Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Planting

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With midterms, work, projects, and planning for Spring Break the week has morphed and zoomed away from me. I will be Jacksonville starting Saturday for my mini Spring Break with my friend and cohort- mate Stacey!! OH I CANNOT WAIT:)

Before that however, I wanted to finish my thoughts from earlier about Planting. It poured today but just like clockwork I can be assured the blooms that will come from today's rain will be breathtaking.

So to finish my thoughts I wanted to finish my garden of Fruits of the Spirit. I mentioned Joy, Self-Control, Peace, and Kindness here.

To me LOVE would be the rain. Love is so vital and if done right (yes, that does mean that it can be done wrong) so refreshing! I can just see Love misting my garden and helping the other plants grow and stay alive.
I also think, what if I rained Love on others like God rains it down on me....what a difference it would make. If I was not selfish with my Love sometimes....only keeping it for those who show me their Love first. Only being Loving to those who do things how I like them to be done....birdwalk....sorry!

Oh the flower of PATIENCE! I see it as a winding, tangling, growing grapevine. In some seasons the grapes it produces are luscious, and sweet. In some seasons the vine is withered and brown. In all seasons however the vine does not let go. It clings to walls and trellises and continues to climb and cling faithfully....just like real Patience needs to do.

GOODNESS would be a deep, rich, purple rose. Purple, besides being my favorite color is/was often the color for royalty. Goodness is needed by all people and all people possess some goodness in them somewhere, though we may never see it. Roses seem like abiding flowers to me and that meshes well with Goodness which is an abiding trait.

A rare blossom is GENTELENESS. It's quiet beauty masks a secret strength. Do not be's roots are deep! The flowers of Gentleness comes in all shades. Sometimes in the garden you might look right over Gentleness....but it continues to grow and reach out to brighten the days that seem hectic, too much and hurtful. Gentleness can work with those feelings and many more. And one cool trick about these flowers is that when you lean close and really embrace their presence you will reap the calming benefits. Trust Gentleness more in your life, Ms. Sabrina:)

Don't worry, I did not forget FAITHFULNESS! How could I forget such an elemental and substantial plant. This plant is rare, and sought after by many gardeners just like myself. I often see the sprouts of Faithfulness as I sit back, breathe deep and reflect on my life. I have seen Faithfulness in a hospital waiting room in Jacksonville, and an acceptance letter from UGA. It's kind of everywhere....but we don't usually recognize its many forms.
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Gal.5:22-23

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