Monday, May 16, 2011

Half Way There!

"A positive redirection can improve one's life immensely." 
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I did not mention it on here yet.....but I am officially half way done with my graduate studies in Professional School Counseling. Go me:) I am thankful for the many people in my corner who have showed such care and love to me throughout this journey.

Grades wise it was a good semester. I am happy with my grades and since I worked hard for them I don't feel any guilt for my sometimes "nerdy" ways.

It was a semester of snow and sun. Groups and individuals. Growth and speed. In general a lot of this and thats.

At this point I should know my exact future plans. At least that is what has always been my way. However, not this time. I am open and plan to stay that way until God shows me what he has in store. You see, as long as I am helping others (kids in a school setting to be exact), growing in faith and knowledge of the Lord, and at peace (a lot falls into this category) this moment I don't care where I go to find all that. Yeah, you can gasp....that is not typical Sabrina at all. But is is definitely healthier for me and a choice I have made to have faith. 

I will share as I have May 2012, I will be oh so ready to settle. I am itching to plant some roots somewhere. That is one of the things I yearn for....stability. And I hope that as long as I stay open, look for opportunities and try my best, that stability will come. And I will embrace it with arms wide open.


Victor said...

can't wait to celebrate you being halfway done with grad school (among other things) on thursday.

annie said...

what a healthy, faithful outlook. i think this, really, is what being a grown-up (and a graceful one) is all about.