Monday, May 23, 2011

My Genes

I can admit this now....I am becoming my parents. Yes, when did it start happening you may wonder? I have no clue. I mean honestly, the teenage me would not approve, as my parents were more strict than most and not exactly the coolest set of parents when compared with my friends. (Oh teenage were a mess!)

People have started mentioning things to me. I have started seeing things in myself more consistently.
 I KNOW that I look like my daddy. I get that the most! However, I also read the morning paper and then leave it opened to where I stopped just like him.

I am SO talkative....that is my mama through and through. And I will admit that I enjoy conversations and communication. It makes me happy:)

I think about things from my father's logical lawyer brain....and our sense of humor is very well matched.

I enjoy people and being welcoming and friendly just like dear Betty:)

This blend of parents and my own "me"ness is a pretty unique combination. I smile when I see my folks in me. I am pleased that I carry my family in my heart and some of my habits. My genes are certainly expressing themselves lately and that is something I can get behind, 100%.

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