Monday, May 2, 2011


What a week for history making events. Terrifying tornadoes, a wonderful wedding (Kate was gorgeous and SO regal), and national justice was served.

Last night I watched as history was reported. It will go down in the history books and I will remember right where I was when I heard the news. Unlike some I cannot celebrate with jubilant song because a part of me wonders about counter attacks (don't go there Sabrina). However, having lost a cousin in the war I can say that the sense of closure is a blessing.

This world is SO huge! News and events are happening all of the time and I am not as informed as I should be. Sometimes the life of Sabrina seems so small. And even though that is a reality the God that calls my life as swift as a breathe also counts the numbers of hairs on my head.

I tell you, a relationship with God.....that makes all the difference. It changes how I see and hear and think. It gives me purpose and peace and passion. It helps me write my little sentence in the history book of life and actually make it worth something that matters!

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