Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It was GOOD!

Being able to visit Tallahassee brings a smile to my face.

I got to laugh with wonderful friends (and two more reunions are set to go before the end of the month).

I got to hear a touching and true lesson on Mother's Day.

I got SO much inexplicable joy from my Roberts babies and my teacher friends.

Sigh....Athens is a wonderful place and I know God has led me there and used me there for his good purpose.

And yet Tallahassee will ALWAYS be so special to me. Because there.....
I learned to love my sister more, in a more mature and everlasting way
I grew in faith and found another church family
I got my first real job and it was one of the best experiences of my life
I was independent
I was motivated, content, and changing
I gave myself time to try new things and meet new people
I was complete yet growing
I came to know God better and the power of prayer changed my life.

Yeah, so you can see why Tally is my second home. It was a true blessing in my life and no matter where I go  fond Tallahassee memories will always be near and  very dear to me:)

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