Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nickname Please

This is going to seem so silly but in my adult years I have been thinking over and over again that I wish I had a nickname!

There are other things that I should be thinking about I assure you...but nicknames just won't leave me alone.

You see, Sabrina does not lend itself easily to nicknames like other names such as Elizabeth (liz), Melanie (mel) or Jessica (jess). Also, I don't come across as someone who wants to be called by a nickname....but in my heart I do!

Sometimes I am Bree.....laughing, smiling, carefree and wonderful! Bree is the beach girl who is relaxing in a hammock staring at the blue sky.

Sometimes I am Brina......my grandma is the only one who calls me this......Brina is loving, family oriented and unique. Brina likes to visit Jacksonville and spend time doing things I did as a kid.

There is also Sab.....she is silly, energetic, and kind of scattered. Sab is the ditzy part of me who is capable of locking her keys in the house 2x in 1 weekend hahahah!

So you see....I need a nickname. My personal nickname for myself is Bree. I think it is beautiful!

1 comment:

annie said...

this made me smile. :) if it makes me feel any better, when i used to mention you to friends or family, i'd call you "sab" -- so maybe you have more of a nickname than you realize! :) (i like bree best, though!)