Monday, May 16, 2011

Only 1 dud

Funny title right? I am referring to my former roommates. I have had roommates for the past 7 years and only 1 dud. Thankfully we only had to live together for one year....and that was long enough.

Anyway, the other three have been fabulous and are now a part of my best friends circle. Now one was Melanie, and you could say that does not really count....but she is my sister and my friend so I count our years together.

I lived with Cherika for two years and Julie for one year. All of those times were during my FSU days and better roomates could not be found. Different personalities but complementary at the same time. We have all gone through some of lifes changes together. Hard times and tears. Graduations and moving. New and old. We have seen a lot together. It is good to call them all my friends! I look back over the years and see that our friendship has been built over time and that is a fulfilling feeling:)

This weekend I got to travel with all of my great former roomates and I was SO excited. I pray for each of these ladies all of the time and look forward to what the future holds for us:)

* I am having such a good break from UGA! I know I will go back refreshed because I have spent my time with those I love from both far and near. The theme for this time has been, No Schedule and Laugh A Lot;)

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annie said...

i want to see savannah pictures since i'm not on facebook.... :)