Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer School

Summer was not created for school....this I know. However I will be packing up my things and heading back to school next week.

This summer session is going to be busy but exciting....I hope.

I will continue to mentor UGA student-athletes.

3 classes all crammed into 2 days will be a little rushed....but I will have the other days to preapre and recover;) Summer session has never been my favorite...but I like quiet Athens and less crowded Athens is a great place to be!

Hopefully starting a girls prayer group at church will add a new and refreshing element to this summer.

Of course late nights, study sessions, reading, exercising, visits with my sister, yogurt (yum), and more will also be blended into this summer school session to give me some balance!

The party starts June 2nd (sarcasm) and will take me all the way into Internship in early August. I am thankful for this wonderful FL vacation, that has revived me. Summer school here I come:)

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