Thursday, October 6, 2011


A little while ago I wrote a simple post on Simple things. Well the sister of Simple is here are some ways I see Beauty in life. This kind of thing is a good exercise in remembering all the great things in life.

Beauty is laughter tears welling up in your eyes.

The sun gleaming off of a field of wildflowers is beautiful.

Spur of the moment prayers that are 100% thanks have their root in beauty.

I have to believe that the future is a thing of beauty just waiting to be discovered.

Getting to really know yourself, your motivations, fears, and wishes is contentment wrapped in beauty.

A steadfast, Godly woman who embraces harmony and grace is absolute beauty. (I want this kind of beauty!)

Family, oh family, yeah family is a beautiful gift!

Fresh blueberries and whipped cream tastes beautiful.

Gathering with friends and just taking time to celebrate (thanks for the reminders Annie) is joyous beauty.

Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful, beautiful story and book.

Beauty is everywhere. It lives in our hearts and souls and then radiates forth into the world and connects with the beauty that already exists and is waiting to be discovered.

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