Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ladies/Girl's/Women's Prayer Group 3

 This summer I reflected on the blessed ladies' Prayer group experiences that I have had in my life. Thoughts on Prayer group 1 can be found here and Prayer group 2 can be found here.

 This summer I started meeting with my 3rd Prayer group. It was a good thing. I love when I can say that! God bought us together through the summer and gave us a space to share our lives. Because that is what prayer group really is.....a time for women of common faith to share their lives (aka the things closest to their minds and hearts). Each week our numbers would shift but it was truly a beautiful time that gave me perspective, peace and passion. Three things I always need.

Fast forward to today and 3 of the original group still meet to share and pray. It is something that I love and I am quickly learning that these women are friends that I love. Because you see, you can sit in a pew and not get close to anyone (physically, spiritually, or emotionally). But I have learned that you cannot go to prayer group and be "not there". The material for the group is written on our hearts. It is the images and concerns and praises that swirl around in our heads. And here is the secret.....come a little closer so that you don't miss it. Those things on our hearts and minds, they need to be released, and shared, and prayed over with fellow believers.

I am thankful for the abundant ways in which God is working in our lives. I am happy that I have Christian ladies who are open to sharing and caring. Our little group is one newly married, one single, and one who is dating. So in my book the perspective and ratio is perfect. I have come to crave this time with this group and I hope throughout my life I never lose sight of the way that God has shown me that works for me.....to gather with women, to be there with friends, to look to God and open our lives and mouths to share, to grow and reach and extend past my selfishness to a greater and better way of living. 

Amen for what God has done. Amen for what God is doing. Amen for what God will do. 

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Jess said...

Why does it keep erasing my comments? Maybe I need to create an account or something. Anyway, I wanted you to know that I read your post and most of the time, I take our prayer group for granted. I'm going to start actively thanking Him for giving me a group to pray with and pray for. And thanks for prodding for more information yesterday. I think it settled me and her down.