Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tallahassee To Do

I get to visit Tally for a looong weekend in November!! I just love my old stomping grounds. The perks of UGA getting the whole, entire Thanksgiving week off!

Here is what I hope To Do:
walk at Lake Ella
visit Roberts and craft with the classes of my teacher friends (a personal fave!)
FSU football babyyyyyy (Homecoming edition)
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1......yep I will get a group together to see the movie. I have made it this far....I have to finish them.
Sunday worship at Timberlane and fellowship with good friends
Country Dollar shopping!
visiting Julie at her school and crafting with her babies
seeing friends and their ever expanding families
Downtown Getdown to get in the proper Seminole Spirit!

It already looks like my Friday-Tuesday will be full. But with all of the above activities to look forward to, this grad student is dreaming of Florida and Tally in particular:)
It's a brand new week. Make it wonderful!

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