Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out of nothing

On Sunday my preacher, fresh off of a months long trip to England was refreshed and renewed. His message to us was full of a lot of wonderful and needed reminders. I was deeply engrossed and so thankful for how God used him to speak some simple truths that are always worth repeating.

One of them was something along the lines of.....If we think we know all about God, or understand him completely....we are simply wrong. Amen for that reminder! I often want to know everything, but God is massive and mighty and even though I am made in his likeness.... understanding all of his ways and how he works....this brain just can not even comprehend the great, grand complexities of my amazing God.

I needed to hear that, because as I mature in Christ I think I can sometimes lean back and take this view that is not nearly grateful enough for all that God has doing.....and will continue to do. Not knowing every nook and cranny of God calls me back to him again and again because I can know that there is always something more. That he is always more than I think, more than I can even imagine.

Anyways, as I washed dishes at 5:30am on a typical Wednesday, a thought came to me. It was inspired by the sermon two weeks ago. God is always working, whether we can see or experience the results in our own personal lives or not. I was standing at the sink praying and then it hit me. If I believe that God created the world and life as we know it (which I do) out of nothing. Well, then I need to believe that he can provide, heal, help, restore, give hope, renew, save, reveal and basically do ANYTHING out of nothing as well.

I love that thought! Sabrina, it does not have to look like anything for God to make something out of it. It can be a mess and completely convoluted and God can straighten it out to perfection. It can seem as if something will never ever change...but hold on girlie because God can change it in seconds.

Like the title of this post says.....Out of Nothing. Out of Nothing God shows us even more about who he is. When there seems like nothing, don't discredit the situation because the secret is there is almost always the seed of something growing in this life. Peace is coming sooner than we think for troubled times. Joy is creeping up on those in despair. Hope is knocking at the door and the discouraged just need strength to open that door. Both Great and Small things are getting ready to happen for those who have been playing the waiting game. It makes me smile just thinking about how God can humble us when he produces something out of nothing. I am in awe that God loves me and still is powerful enough to bring change and growth into this life that I bind up in personal limitations and fear. It is a complex puzzle, and I can't admit to having it all worked out.....but the fact that I am willing to grow and be open to new experiences in life is a blessing. If you are seeking more of can find him in that place. At the corner of growth and wisdom. At the places where true faith in the unseen meets times of something being made out of nothing.

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