Sunday, October 9, 2011


With life so full here in Athens, I don't want to forget my blog that I love. One day I will look into printing it out and making a book. I hear you can do that! It helps me to remember to blog with my Friday Tunes segment (that I love!). Also, just the random life events that pop in my head and won't leave. But recently my posts on Simple and Beauty have given me new life in my writing. Today I thought I would share what makes Joy in my life.

Joy is God's redeeming love for me and always, always striving for growth.

Fall, and possible river cruises in Chattanooga sound joyful.

May 11th......oh yeah that will be a day bursting with joy and praise!!!!

Smiles, kindness, and courtesy shared with strangers and friends creates joy.

Pictures of the "good times" resonate with the joy in my heart.

Faithfulness, commitment, and perseverance are joy spelled differently!

Ya'll already know, phone calls to my friends are some of the purest moments of joy for me:)

Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Atlanta and Athens have each held joyful moments in my life.

Arts and crafts is joy.

My crazy, silly, adorable sister and our relationship brings me joy....most of the time.

My precious, delightful, unique, and loving parents are my joy....whether we be near or far.

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