Wednesday, March 28, 2012


In one month I will celebrate a birthday!! My excitement abounds as you probably could guess.
The thing about it is, this 26th year I kept finding myself either referring to myself as 25 or 27. But rarely did I say 26. What is that all about?

I can kinda see why I would cling to one really wants to get older. So why the rush for me to be 27? Does my mind know something I am not aware of yet? Like maybe the fact that 27 has the opportunity to be a fantastic time in my life. I am not really sure.

A friend reminded me that I am in my mid 20's. Whew! Because in my head 27 was ushering in my late 20's and I do not feel old enough or ready for that just yet.

Unlike other years I see this 27th birthday as being more calm. I will be sprinkling my celebrations throughout April and all the way into the Fall. There are trips to take and places to see and along the way I will get to celebrate another year of life!

With more friends and family settling down, or approaching it, I have been contemplating my single status recently. While I do not have a deep longing to be in a relationship....I do think it would be nice and fun and enjoyable. But I can't focus on too much at one time, so I think the current job search will probably distract me from thoughts of dating etc. However, I can admit that for a 26 year old woman I have about no radar for knowing if someone is interested in me. Boo! It comes naturally to some folks, but me not so much. You are going to have to look me in the face and tell me for me to get it. That does not make things any easier I tell ya.

Anyway, there is one month until the big 2-7. And Sunday begins my birth-month....I love it!!

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