Monday, March 19, 2012

Daily Affirmations

Here I wrote a rather deep post about my life and how I was realizing how caught up I was becoming in the lives of others....and not in a good and healthy way either. It was based in envy, and I was not happy with what was going on. At the end of the post I mentioned that I was not through with the thoughts that I shared. Anyway, since then I have been working on a few things.

First I took off of my Favorites bar. This probably means less than nothing to you, but it was a HUGE distraction to me. I don't miss it too much anyway.

I'm also scaling back on reading blogs. Gonna aim for quality and enrichment and take breaks as needed.

Lastly, and probably my favorite because it is an addition, not taking something away.
Daily Affirmations. Every day now, I try to write a short little positive affirmation about my life. To help me stay grounded in the daily dealings of yours truly. I will share the first weeks with you...a little sneak peek.

1) Less Comparisons
2) Smile more! Your smile is beautiful and a gift.
3) Life is ALWAYS changing. Don't fight it. (please)
4) Refresh, Renew, Revitialize
5) There is happiness at home!
6) Just get outside and go......
7) Find the celebrations along the journey!

So yeah, I am really loving the daily affirmations. I have a bright and vibrant mini journal that I am recording them in. It feels good to be actively working on an area of personal weakness, and I think the results are going to bring strength and more happiness.

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