Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A glimpse into Grad school

Part of my Social Work and Groups class in an online discussion board. I figured I would share a glimpse with you all since this week's topic was more "out of the box" if you will. No discussion on our thoughts on academic articles, but instead this was our prompt. Oh yeah, I didn't come up with it, but my response is below. 

I was thinking that we would do something a little different this week for our online discussion....something a little more personal instead of academic. 
Here is the task: Either do something new or reflect on an activity you did or will do this week that somehow helps you define part of your identity. What is it and how does this activity "define" you (in part)?

When I think of something new in my life that also has a part in defining me, my new weekend "lack of routine" comes to mind. I really enjoy people and doing things. Lunch dates, shopping, walking, phone calls, movies, etc. So, usually I pack my weekends with these things and being with people. However, 2012 has been different. I have tried booking myself for less. I have not been rip running from Friday to Sunday.....and I find I really like it! It's new in a way to have free time and want to spend it slowing down and unwinding. But it is such a great way to refresh, and enjoy being with myself. In some ways it is also just good to affirm myself that just because I don't have a busy social life on the weekends does not make me a boring, dud;) Instead I am reframing it like this. As I get ready to turn 27 I keep looking deeper into who I really am, how I really want to be, and finding refreshing rest. So far it has been so very good!

So my question for any readers who have a moment to share. How would you have answered this topic? What's new in your life as we enter the 3rd month of 2012? Or how are you defining yourself lately?

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