Sunday, March 11, 2012

I see it Now

It is a truth that is well known that Type A people sometimes don't transition well. Now if you get us into something new, then we are ready to organize and plan. But the actual change process....this Type A girl has never been any good at it. And that's ok:)

As I have recently been carefully examining my life and desires and goals; I have seen some things that need to be thrown out, cleaned up, and washed clean. And now I see that in this time of uncertainty, I have some new groups that are keeping me grounded on a variety of necessary levels. My life in groups is rich currently. And I am thankful!

Here is the lesson I won't ever forget. We were never meant to do this alone. We are built to form groups, and then split from groups and make new groups. It's a part of our nature. Thankfully we can dictate how many people and how often we see them....sometimes. But the life and marrow of this existence is highlighted by being with other people.

I see it Now. The women in my workout group. True gems that inspire me and get me laughing even when the scale tells the truth that I know is a lie (I did NOT gain weight this week).

I see it Now. The girls of my Social Work small group. A true answer to my need to discuss life and this phase of it, with others who are like me......but then not like me. These complete strangers are now a necessary niche in my life. Just goes to show I must have been needing this type of group in my life.

I see it Now. Actually, this one I have known in my soul. It has been a blessing to me for quite a while now. Prayer group and the friends who lift me up, remind me, and humble me beyond compare. One of the best things to happen for my spiritual health. I just can't even describe it:)

I see it Now. My cohort. Besides my degree, the 2nd ranked amazing thing about this Athens experience. All I can do is be grateful for them. We are changing, and getting to share this time with these special people is a joy!

All of these groups. I care about each one and each one fulfills different needs. It's kinda wonderful. And I just wanted to write about them all because when I see and reread this post it is even more clear that my life is good. It's changing, but it's good.

*Yours truly is on Spring Break this week and it's been magnificent! See ya on the flip side!*

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