Saturday, March 3, 2012

Facebook-For me it Works

Just thinking about all the ways that Facebook has changed our lives is staggering. Of course with any idea that is ravenously popular you take the good with the bad or choose to not take it at all. Of course I think the simple, original Facebook was wonderful. However, with all of the changes there are still many reasons why I enjoy Facebook as a form of communication and entertainment. Like movies and TV knowing about the lives of others brings laughter, hope, confusion, and sometimes grief. This might be an odd way of thinking of Facebook....but it works for me:)

Keeping up with my FL family is a large perk of Facebook. I get to talk and share with my cousins which I always enjoy. Even though Melanie and I have a fabulous relationship independent of Facebook, we still use it to share with each other. Then of course there are the friends, and I don't mean every single person that Facebook would consider my "friend". I mean the ones who make the effort for me and the ones I make the effort for. There was beginning to be a gap here....too many Facebook friends that I knew I would never talk to again. So I did a purge and about 150 people later I feel more in control of who I interact with online. It's nice to check in with my closet pals (though not the only way thankfully) and let them know that I care and just in general for keeping up with those I want to keep up with.

The unwavering support and encouragement that has been shown me through Facebook is humbling. There are so many people who care about how I am doing up here in GA. It might seem simple, but seeing the names and faces of those people is rewarding. They have definitely given me that needed "push" some days!

Of course there are the laughs!! I have seen, read, and watched some hilarious things via Facebook. Some meant to be funny and some not. My sense of the ridiculous finds Facebook a place to laugh for a while.

Most importantly is how Facebook has changed my prayer life in a positive way. I can be so much more detailed with God now, as I pray for certain situations. Also, I can pray for others as they ask for help, more in the moment. I try not to take the prayer requests put out on Facebook lightly, and try and take time to stop and pray for those both far and near.

With all that being said I feel like in our media drenched society, everybody picks their poison. I don't get Twitter but millions of folks do. I don't know if I am using all the parts of Pinterest, but it works for my needs. Like all things, technology can be used for good and harm. Overall the sometimes faceless anonymity that has let people spew their "opinions" which some call "comments" which to me sometimes read like "hate speech" left and right is a harmful side effect of modern technology. But then I think about how people have been able to meet and connect and share online and I know that has produced a lot of positivity and creativity which I love.

For now I am still on team Facebook. The beauty of it, is that it is not for everyone, but many people like me find it a helpful tool. It's a tool that has let me form groups and stay in the loop. It has let me send messages that were pretty imperative and hopefully encouraging. I have grinned, giggled, laughed, and enjoyed many a moment, comment, post, and video that have been shared. Even though I am horrible about uploading pictures, I have better friends who share their photos and share the journeys, weddings, children, and new opportunities that give this life flavor. For this season of my life, I'll just say it like this..Facebook-for me it works.


JulViel said...

I agree. I'm 'Team Facebook' as well. I also have twitter, I don't tweet myself but I have friends who do and there are a few that are sent to my phone during the day. One is Conan O'Brian's tweets and they're always good for a laugh in the middle of the day. I have other friends who will tweet scriptures or thoughts that are a great reminder to me during the day that there is more to life. I like Facebook though, I still need to do my own purge. I've done a few since we talked about it but that was mainly out of annoyance and thinking 'why do I still have him/her on my feed? we met years ago and haven't talked since..." So thank you for the inspiration. :)

Sabrina said...

Your welcome;)As I mentioned in a previous post I was getting a little too plugged into other's lives. The purge and a new mindset helped...a lot. I didn't know you could even be on Twitter and not tweet stuff. Interesting.