Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From there to now

This is how it started. I began this blog with this post about getting into grad school at UGA.
That was in January of 2010. Now it's March of 2012 and with 5 weeks of school left, all I can do is say WOW!

It's amazing that 2 years..... 2 years, could go by so quickly.
It's incredible that I have almost done it, completed my Masters degree and had amazing learning opportunities all wrapped up into one.
It's hard to believe that it's time to seriously start looking for a job up here in Georgia. If I was to land south of Atlanta, a little closer to the big city and my little sister, well I would be so fantastically happy!
It's awe inspiring the chances I have been given to "listen" to others. It's kinda nice to be the neighborhood mental health "professional" for friends and family.
It's refreshing to be at this point where a new path is emerging. I waver between fear and hope but for this moment hope is winning. Take that irrational fears!
It's challenging to want to finish strong, when I am pretty exhausted. But it can be done that is for sure.
It's been a reminder to bask in the present joy. Take time for friends now. Enjoy Athens today. Prepare myself as much as I can by living boldly in the moment.

In that very first blog post I looked ahead a bit. To some things I expected to happen. And I was spot on.  It has been quite the experience, this grad school thing. And it has been well worth it. The busy parts, and debt, and stress have been glossed over by the new knowledge (about myself most of all), the new friends, and the vibrant experience that is too hard to tackle and fully describe. Trust me when I say it has been good, and unforgettable.

I pray and I hope you will too, that I soon have more great news to share. The job hunt is not fun, but it's necessary. And I am about as prepared as I can be. This blog will of course have to change in some aspects as I enter the working world. For there is a fine line between sharing my story and confidentiality etc. But I think we can make it work;)

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