Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hold my Hand

An open note to my friends and loved ones,
 Hi everyone! There is no way to work my way up to this so here I go.
 I need you more than ever. I am searching for jobs and there is quite a bit (insert a vast amount) of uncertainty that rushes upon me like the waves of the sea. SO many questions that do not have an answer yet. And not having answers makes me worry and fret. And because of this, I need you more than ever.

 Keep inviting me out to yogurt. It makes me happy. Keep calling (or texting if you prefer) me, even if just to say you can't talk now, it keeps us close. Keep praying for me whenever you can, because it works! Keep reminding me that it will all be OK. And giving me those ego strokes (thoughtful words) that I can't seem to come up with on my own. Keep giving me hugs that say loud and clear "Sabrina Maude, you are loved and understood." And I will hold on tight and hope you can feel my appreciation.

Some of the best parts of me thrive on planning. You know that of course if you know me at all. And I can't plan right now. It's kinda knocking me for a loop. I am holding it together because I have faith. And I know without a doubt that God will provide as he has done in the past. But I want to be better than just holding it together because that is kind of a fragile place to inhabit.

But I still need my friends and family. I reserve this as my time to ask you for help knowing that it won't be the last. Hold my hand through this time. And I bet you can figure out how to hold my hand without actually "holding my hand" (since I am kinda geographically far removed from some of you).

There is a part of me that would hide this request. That would leave this post unpublished. But the needy,authentic part of me won't let that happen. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. And obviously I need to relearn that lesson. OH, and by the way, as you help me. Let me know how I can help you. Please.  I don't need to focus all this energy on my own little land of Sabrina. I need to look around and out. So let me know how I can help and I will be glad to hold your hand a bit as well.
With TONS of love and gratitude,
PS- It's actually this type of thing that makes authentic relationships. Having needs and having people in our lives to help us out. Kinda old school I know, but that's just the kind of girl I am;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sabrina! I will be praying for you! I know you know I've felt the same way. Please, keep praying for my job issues. Also, as one who could have a PhD in worrying if you could get a PhD in worrying...I'm telling you to try not to worry. If at all possible try to enjoy the fact that you only have less than 1 month left of grad school and that you will be graduating. You did it! You have a masters degree...don't let this uncertainty cloud that awesomeness! Love you! ~Cherika