Saturday, April 14, 2012

Regular Celebrations

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Is the term regular celebrations an oxymoron? Hmmm, not sure.

What I mean to say is that when you acknowledge your entire birth month like me. Well, then you come to see "regular" things as a celebration. Because celebrating is a mind set anyway. Not just parties and amazing gifts (though those are always appreciated!).

Entering into this 27th year, here is what regular celebrations have been like for me,
*Wednesday night yogurt and chat after a fabulous Zumba workout
*Lunches and dinners with friends and plain, good, old fashioned conversation
*Weekends with the sister, and celebrating her new job!!!
*Crafting and a little planning for graduation parties, and a babies shower
*Taking naps, and reading books for pleasure
*Being aware and grateful for the beauty of this gorgeous Spring
*Laughter shared with friends
*Surprises in the mail!!!
*Growing in faith by being tested with new and challenging things

Yeah, it's things like this that have made this month great already! And I just realized that I will be at the lake with my cohort for my birthday weekend. So I won't be alone on the night before the big day, YAY! See last year I wrote here about a kinda lonely welcome to 26. SO excited that will be different this year!

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