Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feels Bad

Yesterday I wrote a short post about things that are currently making me feel good. I started with that because those things make me smile and are more exciting to share. But, the flip side of the coin is that there are things that make me feel bad. By bad I mean frustrated, uncomfortable, struggling, and teary.

Here are some things that are making negative waves in the ocean of my life (beach reference...I already miss it!).
Looking at my budget and seeing that I was a tad too happy buying graduation "necessities".
Measuring myself against the hundreds of other job applicants who want the same jobs as I do.
Slight body image issues.
Missing prayer group and my faithful friends who keep me grounded and reminded of a Godly way to live.
Politics and the upcoming election (I want to just plug my ears because people can be so horrible!).
Making hard and difficult decisions. And maybe owning up to the fact that I can be stubborn and that, stubbornness can be a problem.

Whew, it feels good to get that stuff out of my ever swirling mind. Here's hoping that by owning up to the good and bad I can find a happy medium and a more grounded way of thinking.

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