Monday, May 7, 2012

See you Later

As I sat down to type this I almost titled it Goodbye. But I just could not do that, so I changed it to See you Later. If I really have to say a final goodbye to my cohort I would probably break down in uncontrollable tears. Not the pretty kind either. The red eyes kind that just won't stop, accompanied by that shallow crying breath (you know what I am referring to;)

Even with saying See you Later I know I am going to get emotional. Because there are 10 other people who I have spent TONS of time with in these past 2 years. And it was more than time. We have memories that will always mean so much to me. From first introductions, to retreats, to marriages/babies, to the "real world". From growth and change to trials and tribulations. My cohort has been my academic family. And I will miss them with all of my heart.

But See you Later implies that we are not done yet. And that is my wish. I pray that I will have my cohort with me in one way or another for years to come. Even if I only see them a few times over a span of years, I know that I need them in my life. If you have not met them, I blogged about my buddies the end of our first summer. So here is one final letter to my cohort....the Class of 2012.

Dear everyone,
 I am grateful for this experience at UGA. In a short time I will have my Masters degree and still be figuring out what comes next. But, I hope you all know that this would not have been the same without you. Every time I see my diploma in the future I will think of us. Because in so many ways we made it through this together. Thank you for loving me and caring for me and appreciating me. I pray for abundant blessings to be ever present  in your lives:)

Sam: Congratulations on your new job! Thank you for your needed personality in our group. Keep making wise choices and telling hilarious stories!
Stacey: My dear friend, I can't wait to see what your future holds. As long as you continue to care and work hard, anything is possible! I love you dearly and know that years from now we will still be sharing life experiences.
Bronwyn: Thank You for being so kind, personable, and amazing. Girl, I am going to miss you more than words can say. You will always be in my heart Bronwyn and I will always be there for you if you need me.
Liya: Wife and soon to be mama. All in the space of 2 years! When we shared dinner at Doc Chey's so long ago I could not have pictured this. Go forth and continue to create unique and beautiful things:)
Jessica: I already know that you are going to be a wonderful counselor. Thank you for being my friend, from the first tape all the way to graduation and beyond. Good Luck with everything, I know it will all work out:)
Jane: Jane, I don't even know what to say. You are so good at so many things. Your future is truly limitless. No matter what, hold onto your genuine love for people and abundant joy. They are 2 things that I think are uniquely Jane.
Natalie: It is evident that you are passionate about helping students, and that is so admirable to me! Enjoy all the new beginnings in your life:)
Lauren: I am so very thankful that our friendship has blossomed in the last year. It makes me smile to know that at least for now we still have our Florida connection. You made it, and now you and Matt can enjoy the wonders of married life, have fun:)
Marian: Savor all of the new and wonderful changes that are in store for you and your family. Your honestly is easy to see and I have appreciated it along the journey.
Chiemezie: I look forward to hearing more adventures and life stories as you figure out your next steps. Above everything else keep your spirit of freedom. I know already that you are going to do unique things:)

With much Love,
Sabrina M. Stewart

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