Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Things

I have sometimes under-appreciated new things. Experiences to be exact. Sometimes the newness can be overwhelming to a person like me who enjoys stability. Sometimes I get so busy mentally comparing things that the excitement of the new has worn off before I finally feel comfortable enough to relax, take a deep breathe, and enjoy.

There are many new things on my life horizon. And at least as far as jobs go, I am actually feeling excited about some new prospects. Two years ago I would have told you that there was not much of a chance that I would work at any other level but elementary....but the new thing is that, that is changing. I can see myself trying a high school or even college setting. Who knew?

Many different folks have inquired into my dating life recently. Although there is nothing to report. I would enjoy dating more...which would be a new thing. Because I have never dated much at all. Part of the excitement of Metro Atlanta is more dateable options than my previous life locations. Call it age, or seeing my sister in a serious and loving relationship, but I am cautiously taking some of the bricks down from the fortress I built up around getting to know someone romantically.

This summer will turn into a season of new things. And I am pretty happy about that!


Tracy said...

I love new! great post!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the link on Facebook to your blog, and started reading through it because I haven't looked at it in a long time. Yay for new things! I would be SO exciting if you started teaching at the secondary/post-secondary level! Let me know what happens! :-D --Rachel D.