Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Stewart

Mel Bell
Mac Meep
Melanie Rose Stewart

I can assume that you know how much my little sister means to me. To know me, you also have to know about Melanie. Maybe it's the 13 months between us. Maybe it's our common interests and friends. Maybe it's because we are both striving to grow into Godly women. Maybe it's our amazing parents who have always made family important. Maybe it's the trials, or maybe it's the triumphs.

Whatever it is. I count my sister as a huge blessing in my life, and I always will! I want to take time and wish Ms. Melanie a fantastic and amazing birthday! I know we will be doing "not fun" things like moving on your actual birthday.
BUT, always remember that you are loved and appreciated. You have a brand new job and you are going to do great things. You have a wonderful boyfriend who adores you and fits right in with our family. You have an amazing number of friends who appreciate you! There is also our family who loves you to death. And of course there is me, your best friend forever who also happens to be your sister!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!!!! The best wish I can make for you is that God's perfect will be done in your life:)

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