Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mama Hen

Since I was young, people who have known me for a while have commented on my "mama hen" type ways. Now being a mama hen type could probably have a negative and positive connotation. But you know me, I choose the positive!

Caring and concern have always been my trademarks. It's the fundamental reason why counseling and I just click. I have been interested in hearing people and helping people for years. Now, I have more polished skills and a toolbox of interventions.

In a pleothra of situations my caring nature (aka being a mama hen) has helped me form authentic relationships. As much as I can, I try to get involved with life and not stand around on the outskirts. As someone described me and my work with our campus college ministry. I "jump in feet first". Later someone corrected that and said it's more like I "jump in head first":) I would amend that and say I "jump in heart first". Sappy sounding but true. You can tell I care about something when I'm all in. Giving as much of myself as I can and being present in the moments. I personally think it's a God refined talent.

My part-time job up here has been mentoring student-athletes. I have learned MANY things, and definitely gained a new perspective and appreciation for those talented students who find a balance between both roles. Throughout my two years I have worked with many students, and it has been highly rewarding. In a twist of fate (aka God's will) I ended my last semester with two girls who I had worked with since I first started at UGA. Julia and Sarah (changed their names) are two of the sweetest girls I know. Besides working with them, our friendship quickly grew into something real and tangible. We always focused on school, but life was not off limits. So as Sarah transitioned to Georgia from her home in the Mediterraeien, we bonded. Bus routes, taxes, medical issues, people issues, etc. Then you have Julia. She is a gentle giant who loves fun but also works hard. She has grown so much in all arenas. I am as proud as punch of both of them:)

So when I had to say good-bye to them Wednesday, it was difficult. Though I approached it with inner strength their genuine hugs and thanks crept right over my barriers and made me tearful. I will miss those girls so much! For a bit after the sessions I sat in my car thinking about just quitting the job search and staying on at UGA working with the student-athletes;) I realized how much you can come to care for people. Even when you don't purposefully set out to do it. The side effects of having a loving heart I guess:)
* I graduate on Friday! More posts on this special time are coming soon.*

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