Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just like Old Times

It is a pleasant thing to remember good times.
My 4 years of undergrad were some good times. Freedom (though not wildness), fun, fabulous friends, purpose. It was great!

Coming back to grad school full time I wondered could it be like Florida State days? Or would it be vastly different. In some ways it was different. Harder school work, being on the go to multiple jobs because the bills definitely don't pay themselves, more mature friendships.

But Thursday night was one of those rare nights that was almost just like the old days.
It was Thursday night, Mexican themed potluck with church friends. Lots of people inside a smaller but beautiful home having a ball. Random chit chat, a variety of food that I did not have to cook myself, reckless laughter, and getting to just hang out. A safe space where technology was booted out for a while, as we just got to be together. And nobody really rushed off. It was a great time.

Then my buddy and I headed home to find out the power had gone out. Well what are two girls to do then? Head to a late night Wal-Mart run. Just like old times! Wandering the aisles and joking with my friend seemed to erase the extra years the current tension has added to me. She was able to keep me focused and I didn't end up with too much random stuff.

Oh what a night! Fantastic in its simplicity. It was one of those times where just enough was all that I needed. 

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