Monday, June 11, 2012

The Movie of my Life

Cue tape, and Action!

The scene is not that original. A young woman in paint stained sweat pants, an old church activity T-shirt, and her favorite undergrad zip-up jacket, goes for a solitary walk.

The weather is perfect for her contemplative mood. No sun in the sky, gray clouds and a thin mist covers everything. Yet, she has made it her goal to get out and walk, so come rain or come shine that is what she is going to do.

She walks swiftly as if she is trying to escape her thoughts for a while. She walks with purpose as if she knows where she is going and when she needs to return. The phone in her pocket was tuned into her Pandora radio but after a few minutes she opts for the natural sounds of her walk. Wet tires sloshing by, the drip drop of rain on soaked leaves. Her own breath as she walks one of the many hills that surround her home.

What is she thinking? What are her plans for this day? For this week? For her life?
Well it's quite simple really, and it's also quite complicated.

This can be a big year for our heroine, who often helps others but currently feels like she needs some saving herself.
There are all types of choices that need to be made. She looks out over a year that is full of promise and also full of change. And it's the changes that inspire and scare her.

She puts on a brave face. But if she had not found that being in nature calms her down like nothing else; she would be inside pacing in her apartment. Online scouring for opportunities that only end in disappointment. Drinking hot tea out of her favorite comforting mug and running through every possible scenario about her future. Wanting one of them to be the clear winner. The path that she was meant to take, that also jives with her own dreams and plans. So far all she gets are more questions and less certainties.

So, she walks on. This morning she has chosen to walk alone. At other times she will choose to walk with family and friends. Get some time to just talk and ramble on, in hopes that sharing with someone else will help bring clarity and comfort.

End scene.

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