Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pack it Up

You definitely can't rush the packing process. Because in so many ways it's like a stroll through memory lane.
Maybe, because to me packing things up is full of so many memories, it takes me forever!!

Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that I own a lot of stuff;) Why would you even suggest that?

I am pretty sure where I am going to accept a job. I'll share more details when I can. That means however that I need to start sorting and packing to get ready to hopefully move in July. Whether you are moving across town or across the country packing is a process.

Each room has it's own specific packing needs and personality, if you will. My kitchen is my kingdom in some ways and so I lovingly pack it up. My closet can be frustrating! Can I really not fit into that anymore? And so I just try to get the packing over with quickly. You get the picture.

On one end of the spectrum I want help packing up my things. On the other end I don't want help because packing helps me take inventory of what I own. I can choose what to donate and I can organize each box for optimal unpacking. Sigh, do you see why it is going to take me all month to get this done?

I'm really looking forward to moving. More square footage will help me to be able to display my things and not just stack them. Also, I pray it will allow me more room to invite over cherished friends! An extra bathroom will allow me to redecorate to my hearts content (hand-made, pristine, white, eyelet fabric, shower curtain....Yep!) A fancy new DVD and Blu-Ray player from Melanie and Lee will hopefully allow me to hop on the Netflix train! A dishwasher will free me up to use all my pots and pans as I create new meals!

As I gaze around I already see my progress in this packing project. Hooray! 

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