Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 sets of Goose Bumps

For all of the woes of modern technology. It does have its shining, redemptive moments!
This is the tale of me, and two sets of goose bumps, for two very different reasons.

As I awakened on Friday morning I saw the scary news about the shooting in Colorado. At first my sleepy mind thought there must be some mistake. But as I watched the news, it became crystal clear that the news was terrifyingly true. I have so many great memories surrounding movies, I can't even begin to explain. I have also seen my fair share of midnight, mega premieres. I was so saddened by the news, but not completely shocked because really, anything can happen anywhere in this world. Evil still exists and (as a side note) there are masses of untreated mental illnesses roaming this county as well.
But, I got my goose bumps, on Saturday night. As the list of victims and their life stories poured fourth. At least 2 of the victims were 27. 27! I am 27. That could have been me. That very easily could have been me. That truth slammed into my conscious and it was a very sobering time of reflection. I have never quite had that feeling before. It's that place that happens to you every so often when you realize the frailty of life. Like so many others, my prayers are with everyone still suffering from the shooting and it's aftermath.

But, like I said there were 2 sets of goose bumps.

As I lay in bed trying to head to sleep on Sunday I saw a new blog posting from a dear, sweet, amazing friend. I have blogged about Kassy before and baby Asher. However, in the midst of sometimes disappointing health news, this time I was in for a treat. She posted pictures/video of this amazing child walking!! I teared up, and goose bumps broke out over my skin AGAIN! What a weekend.
If you don't know the story of Asher and his health problems, it just is not going to make any sense. But if you are like me and have been thinking and praying for this family, then his walking, his triumph, and his sweet, gorgeous smile are an example of the kind of miracles that I believe in. Because you see, the very first news I ever heard of Asher was huge, and scary. Mel and I were in Tallahassee. She let me know that Kassy had given birth very early...too early. And that the baby had a host of health problems that would shape his little life for who knew how long. So, to zip to today and see him walking, against all odds, and with MAJOR surgery coming up in October. Well my joy was overfull. I truly believe Asher can do anything, and I just know as long as we keep him in God's hands it will be a triumph.

1 weekend, and 2 sets of goose bumps. 2 situations that need prayer. 2 times that I was shaken out of my mundane sometimes selfish world and invited to share in the lives of others.

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