Tuesday, July 31, 2012

They belong together!

                                                       The Folks! I love this picture of them!

On Thursday my dear and amazing parents will have been married for 32 years!!!! Two UF Gators met and dated and got married down in Gainsville, Florida and the rest as they say, is history:)

WOW, I think it is truly wonderful and awe inspiring to see their example. The 32 years that my parents have been married is a true and honest blessing. And as I grow up, I don't take their marriage for granted. They have allowed God to mold them. It can't have always been easy, yet it was necessary, and has produced rich dividends.

Love, forgiveness, faith, tears, joy, stress, peace, growth, toughness, feasting, need, silence, and laughter all that and more have characterized their years together, and though I have only shared 27 of the 32 years, I think I can say that they are a special couple.

One tip I always remember from my daddy (I think...sometimes their wisdom meshes together in my forgetful mind) is that married people still need to date. I love that! I often give friends a movie gift card for their weddings so that they can have a date night.

From my mama, the tip is that marraige is not a balance of you give 50% and they give 50%. She said some days you will feel like you gave 90% and they gave 10%. All types of math combinations will be done in your married lifespan, but this idea of 50/50 is not something she believes in. In the end there are not many 50/50 days and you will go crazy trying to make it happen.

If I had to characterize my parents I would say they are go with the flow, mellow people, who are growing in their commitment to Christ, and who love their family and friends (many of whom are just like family). If I had to pick something about them that has lingered over the many years, I would say their sense of humor. Betty does not do it on purpose, but she is always good for a laugh. Gerald is more subtle, but his quick grin after a well timed comment or joke is great.

Here's wishing my loving parents many more years of his deep chuckles & her light laughter shared together and surrounded with love and deepest caring.

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