Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Excited Again

It is difficult for me to be excited during uncertainty. I can be content and happy, but I don't welcome brand new things with arms wide open.

However, after weeks of waiting and not knowing, some things are finally beginning to fall into place. In God's timing, not my own:)

I'm starting to feel my natural excitement levels peek again. I was riding high right around graduation. Then "real-life" dropped by and had me shaking in my boots.

I know that starting up summer prayer group and sharing with my sisters in Christ has gotten me excited and back in balance.

Fresh fruit, beautiful rambles outdoors, and home-cooked meals are my own personal cleanse that have helped me feel better, lighter and refreshed.

A return to my morning devotionals and church, after weeks of traveling were absolutely necessary. Why was I feeling off key and disconnected? Yeah, not getting spiritually filled will drain me quickly.

Since I'm feeling much better about life in general I thought I should set out some July goals. My friend Annie started me thinking about having monthly goals as I read her blog. Her purpose was to carefully use the summer to reclaim her life. Find out what she actually wanted to do......and then do those things. It's kind of radical in its simplicity. Look at your life and cut back on the things that drain you, make you unhappy, or just are reckless time fillers.

So for July I have a few goals. My June goals were straightforward. Exercise more outdoors (check), eat more fruits and veggies (check, check) and start up my morning devotions and Bible study (1/2 check).

Get new apartment "home like" in time for the start of the school year (Aug. 1st)
Eat more fruits and veggies....try one new recipe for each (fruit and veggie).
Take a trip over to Atlanta. Purposefully make plans to see all my family and friends who live there. Not just the group that I typically see.
Keep in contact with my friends through phone, text, or notes. Use this free time to deepen relationships:)

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