Saturday, July 14, 2012


In 2015 my passport expires! It is the passport that took me to Germany, and Italy, my first international travel adventure! I have the BEST memories from that month of going and seeing more of the world.

Maybe you can guess, but I desperately want to use my passport one more time before it expires. Where do I want to go? There is no question that the one place that is calling my heart is Greece!

I am not nervous about the political upheaval, or matters like that. My main holdup is my struggles with saving money. However, once I get a job and if I really set my mind on this travel goal....well you never know what might happen:)

I think my travel bug only gets worse while reading the fabulous, and beautiful travel blog of my friends. Here is the link if you are interested. It's wonderful and the pictures are fantastic! It's so cool to get to see far off places through the eyes of people my own age, who share some things in common with me.

I am going to be bold. I declare here and now, this 14th of July 2012, that I, Sabrina Maude Stewart, will use my passport at least one more time before it expires in 2015. And to be even more bold and specific, I declare that I will use it to travel to Greece. Hold me to it friends! But most importantly I am going to hold myself to it. It's a dream of mine and unlike some others that have not been that realistic, I refuse to give this one up. I have a vivid picture of me standing on a cliff on one of the Greek isles with a flowing sundress billowing around me as the sea breeze washes over my entire being. I aim to make that picture a reality. I really do.

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