Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blessings for my New Home

Yesterday evening I, along with some good friends, began the moving process. Since I own lots of stuff and because I live on the 3rd floor of an old, old building, AND because I am moving to the 3rd floor of another building; I'm using professional movers for the majority of the move. Yesterday was just the mini move!

We almost made it before the rains came. It poured for about 30 minutes but that was some much needed rain so I was thankful.

As I wandered around my new home I took time to go over my moving map for tomorrow. Which chairs, tables, and shelves go where etc.. What a fun game:)

In the midst of this, with the rain pouring down, and the beautiful woodland views, I said a prayer.

It was a prayer and blessing of sorts for my new home. Part thankfulness that God has provided me with a fantastic place to live. Also, extreme gratitude for ALL the beautiful things I own that will fill my new space with life and comfort. I am a blessed girl, we all are really.

I prayed for the friends and family who would spend time in my home. I prayed over the gatherings. I prayed  that God would grant me serenity in my home. I even prayed for the people I have not met yet who will become friends and hopefully come for a visit.

As I walked through the rooms of my apartment I was content. The storms of life have knocked my little ship around, but the S.S. Sabrina is still sailing. Waiting, sometimes impatiently for the next adventure.

There are a million lists of things that I want to do with my new home. Pretty things to buy to add a little more pizzazz here and there. Some major spray painting projects to tackle. But the most important thing is done. Me, spending quiet moments with my home. Me, praying and being humbled by the good things that abound in my life and the God who gives with both hands. May I use this blessing to bless others.

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annie said...

Hooray for moving (even though the packing part is such a pain)! I actually read an article once -- I wish I knew where, and I'd try to link it -- about blessing your home. It was written, if I recall, by either an orthodox Christian or orthodox Jew, a faith that takes the process of the blessing very seriously. Anyway, the author invited his friends and family over, and they went through each room and said a prayer for that room and what would happen there. (For example, in the bedroom, they prayed for a healthy, happy marriage; in the kitchen, they prayed for the meals that would be cooked there; in the dining room, they prayed for community, etc.) I thought that sounded so incredibly lovely, and it sounds like you were able to do something similar with your own move. I told Jordan getting to move into a slightly bigger, more homey place is such a blessing; I want to make sure we use it to bless others. I know you feel the same way, and that makes me happy. I hope there are some visits to Tallahassee in your near future!