Friday, November 15, 2013

November 13th-15th

I'm on the road again. The one month countdown to the wedding is here, and all of a sudden I feel like everything is wedding related. Being the maid of honor is an honor, and it is also tiring, in a  good way. Maybe the better word is selfless.

November 13- The sunsets in the Fall are amazing. First, I have changed so much, that enjoying a sunset and not just skipping right over them, is a new and good thing for me. Today I drove 5 hours and it was beautiful and completely small town and pretty and fun! As I saw the sky darken, I realized how gorgeous the setting sun is, hitting the red, orange, yellow, and green of the leaves. I am thankful for that looong drive by myself to let my mind rest and observe God's beauty again and again.

November 14- I am SO thankful for the statewide Georgia School Counselor's Association conference. This is my 4th year in attendance and it was another grand time. I don't know what is better, the people, or the locations, or the sessions? All I know is that I think clearer, when I am among the amazingly diverse group of men and women who also share my profession. Again, I do think it is wonderful to be a School Counselor in Georgia:) And I am grateful for a GOOD time and excited about next year!!

November 15- I am HOME for the weekend. I can't even express how thankful I am for this house, that has been my home since I was first brought home from the hospital. Or, these parents, who love me and love God more, and believe in being peacemakers. Or the feeling of just being here, with the things that remind me of stability.

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