Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 8th & 9th

November 8th-
On Friday I was struck by how much change is possible in a year. I sat and smiled with a 3rd grader, and he was so happy and  emotionally healthy:)
And I know that he is growing up, and has teachers that love him and yet have expectations. And I see last year, and I see now. Thank God that he gives us time to grow and change. That we have time to enter the darkness and then also to adjust and emerge. That we have time to build memories and then get to a point when the memories are all that is left.

And the point was hammered home as I was driving along secluded country roads after work.  I heard a song, and the last time I heard this song was on a gloomy day in May when I cried my heart out over not getting a certain job. And at that point, I could not have imagined yesterday. Because yesterday was a great day at work. And I have changed so much in all the ways that really matter. So I am thankful for time, and want to continue to live and make my days matter!

November 9th-
This morning I am thankful for the hustle and bustle of wedding life. Melanie has 2 celebrations today, planned by friends she has made in Georgia. It is a testament to her sweet spirit. And I am happy and thankful for her Georgia family who love her and support her, and now have created times to celebrate with her:)

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