Monday, November 18, 2013

November 16th-18th

November 16th-
I am thankful for deep down in your gut laughter. When you pair it with hilarious family and friends, then it equals the exact type of fun that I love.

November 17th-
I have been on the road SO much lately. I am thankful for my car that gets me safely from one place to another. It is trustworthy, and has seen me through all kinds of great travels. I have carried friends, and moved multiple times in that car. And after coming off of a car that would break down on me way too often, I am thankful for the reliable car that my mama helped haggle down for me:)

November 18th-
Today I sat at a table with 4 other girls. And because it gets dark so early, it felt even more cozy. And we sat and took quiet time to think of prayer requests and praises, but this time we purposefully focused on more praises than requests. And just like so many other times, our time together was a blessing. I am thankful to the bottom of my spirit for Girl's Prayer Group. It fills a special part of me and always expands my sight outside of myself. It also has helped me through the year, reflect on God's supreme faithfulness. 

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