Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome to a Thankful November!

" The most definite change that has occurred during my 20's has been an abundant increase in gratitude for things both big and small."
Sabrina Stewart

Good Morning! I don't even know if it's OK to quote yourself.....but I like it, so I figure it will be just fine.

Last year, I was dedicated, and blogged almost daily about people, places, and things that I was thankful for. And I believe that concentrated focus was good for my soul, and when you find something good for you, well then you probably should keep on doing it. So, on that note, Welcome to a Thankful November!
* I was out of town, loving life, so I am going to play catch up today. I won't be posting the link to the blog on Facebook each day, but come back and visit if you like.*

November 1st- To begin, I start with something simple. I am thankful for this new month. I am thankful for this season of Fall on the calendar. I am thankful for cooler weather and the start to the end of 2013. I am thankful for this set aside time in my life to reflect on gratitude. November always seems to revive me, and I am most thankful for that fact!

November 2nd- Today I am thankful for 2 special friends. At this point in life, with 9 years of friendship under our belts, they are more like my other sisters. We have become the 3 Musketeers, somewhere along the journey, and that makes me smile.

I am thankful for Julie, our adventurous, movie-loving, partner. She is compassionate and strong and ridiculous and I love her.
I am thankful for Cherika (HAPPY 30th Birthday!!!), she is quirky, and hilarious, and kind beyond what is necessary and I love her too.

All of us are in this odd season of life and living, but I would not want to share these times with anyone else. Having a weekend to be with them was my blessing and I am thankful for it and them!

November 3rd- With the time change I was up and ready to move at 5:15 am. After some morning prayers, my friends were up too and we all walked down to the beach. I am thankful for how God created this world and especially the beach. The sky was a flawless blue, after a day of rain. The sand was white and firm beneath my feet, and the waves were the perfect soundtrack to the start of a new day. It made me feel like a new girl:)

I stood there and just took it all in. Clearing my mind and heart of everything except the simple act of being aware and then being thankful. And it was absolutely perfect, because it was simple yet majestic.

November 4th- Today is my daddy's 59th birthday! I am blessed to have him as a father. He is funny and kind and solid and my role model. And I am assured each and every day of his love for me:) Each day I work with kids who are desperate to have their fathers in their lives. And I truly mean that and it breaks my heart. So I share about my daddy and my family, and connect that love to the love of those people who do love my children. But it makes me even more grateful for what I have been given.

I know that age is creeping up on all of us, and so I thank God for being with my daddy and guarding his life in the past, in this day, and into the future.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for you too and love you very much! ~Cherika