Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 28th-30th

November 28th-
Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Praise God for a special day with my family. For Melanie's almost mother in law who cooked for us. For this city that is now home for Melanie, and in some small part me. Because I will be here visiting my girl and her wonderful husband. My heart was full to the brim and it was a wonderful day to just pause and be thankful for everything both great and small!

November 29th-
I have my Christmas shopping done! I am thankful for having the finances to buy gifts for those I love. And I am thankful for saving money on those gifts. Especially, since Gifts is my love language. So to me a gift actually means a lot more then just the gift. It means the planning and the emotions of making someone else happy, and I am thankful for the cycle of spending and saving money. Though, I know I need to continue to be better at saving.

November 30th-
And so ends a month of being thankful on purpose. It was good! It has been a month full of great and simple things. And I discovered this little song just in time for a few long drives I have in my future.

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